Are you looking for the best sweet 16 DJ and party planning service?

At Long Island Party People (LI Party People) you get a team with over 20 years of experience planning and executing the perfect party. You only have one chance to enjoy your Sweet 16, and it is important to hire a good company to make sure everyone has as much fun as possible. Ask about our photo and video services, so you can share the most special moments with your friends and family forever. Whether you are in Long Island NY, Queens, Brooklyn, NYC, or around the tri state area, don’t worry , we are here and happy to help. At LI Party People we keep it simple. You bring the people and we bring the party. Our team brings experience, professionalism, amazing fun and all for a great price. Feel free to check out some of our customer reviews from past parties to see for yourself what people think and what you can expect before you call to book a date. Many of the parties we do are from return customers and referrals. Our goal is that you will also be a return customer.

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For over 20 years Long Island Party People has been offering the top sweet 16 DJ and party planning service here in Long Island NY and around the New York area.

Why do our customers think we provide the top sweet 16 DJ and party planning service? Here are some things we can do to make sure we plan the perfect party together. When it comes to planning the most amazing party for your sweet 16, or any other kind of special event here in Long Island NY you can always count on us. We can also bring the party to you in Queens, Brooklyn, NYC, and anywhere in the Tri-State area. Here at LI Party People you will have a team of experts by your side with over 20 years experience and a great reputation. If you ever have any questions or concerns you can always call. We are here and happy to help. Check out some of the more important things (below) you might consider so everyone has fun and will remember your special sweet 16th birthday party forever.

  • Music Selection & Special Song Lists. When it comes to a birthday party, it is very important to make sure that you play the right music for each different kind of crowd even considering age. Of course, there are usually some regular selections but we also want to make sure to include as many songs with special meaning as possible. Whether they are your favorite songs or whatever you want to hear. This often helps to get the crowd more involved and brings the energy level up for everyone in the room.

  • Perfect Sweet 16 Atmosphere. From the music and special announcements to lighting and timing of special ceremonies it is important to control the energy in order to keep up the perfect atmosphere. Our team will manage your party and make sure everyone has as much fun as possible so all you have to worry about is enjoying your special day.

  • Special Prize Giveaways. We also offer special prize giveaways for sweet 16 parties and other special events. You may consider giving away some gag gifts or base it on a specific theme to bring some extra fun to your party. Our team is always here to discuss with you what would be the best way to approach it.

  • Professional Video + Photo Service. Another great way to make sure you can share and remember your sweet 16 forever is to use our photo/video services. You will get a professional team of experienced photographers and videographers who will capture all the special moments of your party without getting in the way.

Get the best sweet 16 DJ and party planning service for your special event.

This is a very special event and you should be able to remember it forever. Our team has experience, works hard, shows up on time and will make sure your special event goes perfectly. Check out below what you can expect when you hire us.

  • Free consultation and sweet 16 party consulting. You can always call for a free consultation. After you book your sweet 16 party service or any special event with us you will have a team of professional birthday party planners here to help coordinate and execute the perfect event. We will make sure you and everyone has an amazing day.

  • Premium sweet 16 DJ service. Here at LI Party People you don’t get a regular DJ. You are hiring a professional company and will an experienced expert DJ who knows how to get the crowd going, bring the energy levels up and down, and how to keep control of the entire event. Lets plan a special sweet 16 party that you and your guests will enjoy together and remember forever.

  • Over 20 years of experience. You are getting a professional company with over 20 years of experience planning sweet 16 parties for customers just like you. Whether you are located here in Long Island NY and beyond we will bring the party to you and make sure everything goes perfect.

  • Low Rates Guaranteed. Whether you are calling about a sweet 16 or any kind of party you will always get low rates without sacrificing quality of service in any way. We get many return customers and referrals because people know they can always count on us for low rates and premium service.